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 enjoy a smart life from the comfort of their own home? This villa is in the middle of an 18-hole golf course Beautiful Lake, Floating Village, and enchanting neighborhoods. well! Wait a bit Capital Smart City is unstoppable and now comes with a fascinating dream villa. Capital Smart City smart villas are committed to providing 24/7 connectivity, automatic gas and leak detection, electric vehicle charging, smart home and anything you want.

For providing the true essence of an exceptional smart life and presenting one of a kind of project, Capital Smart City deserves tremendous applause.

Capital Smart City - First Smart City in Pakistan

Trivelles International

HRL and FDH are proud to introduce UK-based construction company "Trivelles International" to Pakistan's real estate sector. Lahore Smart City provided design work for Smart Villas due to its unparalleled expertise in structural work. Trivelles International is building this luxury under the name of Trivelles Lake Boulevard and plans to build more than 1,000 luxury smart villas and 1,000 apartments


This smart villa is beautifully located at the best location in the Overseas Block, in the center of Crystal Lake, on an 18 hole golf course within Capital Smart City. Residents of this villa can enjoy views of the lake and golf course from the terrace. 

Smart Villa

The Villas smartly designed and will be developed superbly. The smart feature for those who want to experience a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. These elegant villas are impressively designed with modern interior, innovative design and smart feature and style. Smart villas are not just a great place to live, they are a functional and forward-looking approach to living your life to the fullest. This villa is designed to meet international standards and the exclusivity of worthy residents.


If you are looking for contemporary designs state of the art and smart architecture, lush green atmosphere, glass doors, large windows give you an outside view. The luxury villa is waiting for you. The perfect combination of luxury, amazing amenities and smart interior where your dream to live desirable and modern lifestyle came true.


 Mediterranean villas are the perfect combination of open space and amazing colors. To experience the freedom and spaciousness of this is to be your choice, a free soul! This villa is inspired by Spanish and Italian architecture. Spacious entrances, spacious courtyards, modern designs, terracotta roofs and more.


If you like elegant interiors, sliding glass doors and huge windows, this is your type. The understated design of a minimalist architectural style is Georgian style. * Add photos from pages 11, 12 and 13 of the brochure.