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od Richard Buckner - torek, 15 september 2020, 08:46
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What is the secret to the success of blog posts on a website? A successful publication is original, authoritative, and written in a way that makes the reader want to come back for more. It is best if the content that has been written motivates people to comment, share, or respond to your calls to action. If you want your publications to be successful, follow these seven tips from paperhelp reviews:

Have an opinion and say something original.

There is nothing wrong with writing about fashion issues. What is wrong is not saying something new or extra to what others are already saying about the topic. Don't be afraid to give a strong or controversial opinion. If you have something to say that goes against widespread feeling, people will click to see what you have to say. You'll also find that your willingness to be controversial and have an opinion will help you generate comments and share them. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Controversial and offensive are not synonymous.
  • Never say something you're not completely sincere about.
  • Make your opinions credible by backing them up with statistics and examples.

Don't put optimization before quality.

Yes, optimization of your publications is essential. There are hundreds of excellent articles recommending ways to optimize your blog content to make it stand out on Google. However, when you write your publications, please focus on the reader, not Google, as it is necessary to generate content that is CREDIBLE, INFORMATIVE, CAUTIVATIVE, and reflects your EXPERIENCE. Google can not identify this above, so your content's quality should be the first thing you offer, as this will generate that you share, engagement, and other sites give credit to your site.

Don't forget about quality control.

Before publishing your blog post publicly, check the following 3 points.

First, the reliability: Make sure your links are well functioning and relevant if your statistics show what you want to show and if your sources are reliable.

Second, spelling errors: If anything, I have learned not to rely solely on Word's automatic correction. It is necessary to read your document several times and avoid making mistakes that can diminish your professionalism.

Third is Branding and sincerity: Knowing if the chosen topic, writing style, target audience, and shared information is relevant to your company. The frequent reader may notice this and make you see that you are stealing someone else's idea to adapt it to your content choice.

Diversify content styles, as well as their length.

Your publications can be accessed by different people, at different times, for various reasons, and through different devices. Some will look for a short extension, others for something more in-depth. Some prefer them to be accompanied by visual elements, while others prefer only the text.

Try that your content can have a combination to reach better different styles of tastes and levels of experience within the topic you are touching.

Generate content that your audience can use.

Many of your readers will come to you because they have a problem they need to solve or gain specific knowledge. The more useful your content is, the more likely they are to share your publications and respond to your calls for action. If your readers can do something they could not do before because of your content, solve their problems or gain that knowledge for the future, then you can consider your publication a success. It is why tutorials are the most popular style of publication on the market.

Write in a style that appeals to the reader.

Remember that you are writing a blog article and not an academic text. Write in a way that appeals to the reader and makes him feel as if it is created, especially for him, in a sincere way. Don't use complicated words or idioms or complicated terminology. Also, do not patronize the way you write. Please get to know your target audience to know their tastes and reading styles. Using "You," "Us," and "Our" will make them feel like a personalized text which will help establish a positive relationship with them.

Use whatever technology you have available.

There are excellent tools and apps that you can use to make your publications extraordinary. You can use EMBED videos, GIFS, or computer graphics. Check out Buzzsumo and see what articles are trending or a quick Google Trends search can help you identify them. Also, automate as much as possible; I recommend IFTTT to not consume so much time publishing manually on each social network.