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The eyes are the windows of human psychology and the tools for transmitting and receiving external information. The car's headlights are also a pair of big eyes to see the clear road. With the improvement of technology, the "eyes" of automobiles have become more and more diverse. Xenon lamps, which are the popularization of traditional halogen lamps, now have LED lamps. In fact, LED lamps have been used for a long time. Next, let's understand what are the advantages of china automobile led headlights?


Good monochromaticity and colorful colors

The color saturation reaches 130% full color, making the light clearer and softer.


Long life and good shock resistance

LEDs are semiconductor components. Unlike incandescent lamps, there are no vulnerable moving parts such as glass and tungsten wires. The failure is extremely low and maintenance-free.


Short response time

Start in 0 seconds, it is especially suitable for the light source of automobile lamps, and it has won valuable time for drivers to reduce the accident time.


High efficiency and low energy consumption

The LED light source can directly produce the red, amber and other colors required by automotive lamps without color filtering, without loss, energy saving and low consumption, and the energy utilization rate is as high as 80%.

Mi2 Automobile Led Headlights

Mi2 Automobile Led Headlights 


Small size and light weight

Using its characteristics, it can design thin, light, and compact lamps of various styles, providing space for car design.


Green lighting source

The LED spectrum has good monochromaticity, no excess infrared, ultraviolet and other spectra, no mercury harmful substances, and little heat and radiation.


LED lamp has good heat dissipation and low temperature

Effective heat dissipation method, liquid copper heat pipe technology, unique aerodynamic engineering heat dissipation system, customized intelligent control and efficient heat dissipation fan. When the LED headlights are working, they are kept in a "cold" low temperature state for a long time, which greatly protects the safety of the vehicle.


Illuminated on the plane, the illumination effect is more focused

Introduce auxiliary lighting in the blind area, while illuminating the front, provide two auxiliary lights to reduce the blind area at night. When driving at night, the importance of the lights is self-evident, and night travel should be like daylight.


Easy installation, no modification

The installation of DC12V automobile LED headlights does not need to be punched and rewired like modified xenon lamps. The electro-optic LED headlights use special international standard connectors for special vehicles.


Professional light type, precise light point

Professional light type, comparable to millions of luxury cars, precise mold light distribution design, precise light point design, better than all existing halogen or xenon lights.

As a friend who often drives, do you know the importance of car LED headlights for driving safety? When driving at night, the core of invisible vision is because the lights are not bright enough. According to statistics, 70% of accidents are caused by unclear vision. The line of sight is unclear, and the resulting accident rate, danger, destructiveness, and casualty rate have also remained high!

In an environment where more and more attention is paid to driving safety, in order to have a better visual experience when traveling at night and make driving safer, choosing Mi2 automobile LED headlights is indeed a Good choice.