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Car headlights are also car headlights, including halogen lamps, xenon lamps, LED lamps and laser lamps. The most common car headlights are halogen lamps and LED lamps.

Halogen headlights are the most common, generally used in ordinary models, cheap, simple structure, strong penetration, more suitable for use in foggy days, but the light brightness is low, easy to aging;

Xenon lamp is a kind of gas discharge lamp, which is usually used in middle and high-end automobile brands. Its price is high, the brightness is high, it has a lens, the light shines farther and is more durable;

Automotive LED headlights are light-emitting diodes, which are more energy-saving, have a longer service life, faster response speed, and less brightness attenuation, but they are more dazzling. Compared with halogen headlights, they have a lower penetration;

Laser lights are mostly used for supercars or high-end luxury brand cars. They are composed of laser diode units. They have high brightness, long irradiation distance, and higher end, but the irradiation range is narrow. Generally, LED headlights are needed to supplement the light.

Automobile headlights include automobile led explosion fog lamp, high beam light, daytime running light, fog lights, warning lights and turn signals, etc., while headlights usually refer to high beam lights. Car headlights are like human eyes and are closely related to safe driving. To put it simply, car headlights have two functions. One is to provide lighting to the driver to illuminate the road in front of the vehicle, which provides a good view when the weather is bad or at night; The purpose is to remind the vehicle and personnel ahead.

Automobile Led Explosion Fog Lamp

 Automobile Led Explosion Fog Lamp

Car headlights are an important part to ensure the safe driving of the car at night. Once a failure occurs, it will not light up, which will affect the driving of the car and even affect the driving safety. Some car owners encounter the situation that the two high beam lights of the car are not on at the same time. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, which may be the failure of the relay or fuse, the problem of the circuit or the combination switch, or the bulb filament burnt out As a result, you need to check one by one.

In most cases, the probability that two high beam lights of a car burn down at the same time is extremely low, usually caused by other reasons. You need to open the car fuse box, check the headlight relay and fuse to see if the relay is working and the fuse is intact; remove the high beam bulb, and also check whether the filament is intact; in addition, you need to check the headlight combination switch and circuit.

If the light bulb is turned off when the light is turned on, it may be that the line is poorly connected or there is an open circuit short circuit, the line short circuit is easy to burn out the light bulb. If the bulb burns out frequently, check whether the voltage of the generator voltage regulator is adjusted too high. The headlight of the car suddenly goes out and needs to be dealt with in time. It is recommended to go to a regular professional repair shop or 4s shop for overhaul, which is more secure.