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Third, choose the headlight color temperature according to personal preferences

Currently, the mainstream automotive LED headlights on the market have two color temperatures: 6000K pure white light and 2500K super yellow light. 6000K pure white light, like noon sunlight, has good color rendering, clear light, and is not easy to visual fatigue;

2500K ultra-yellow light has strong penetrating power, which is more suitable for rain and fog.

If your area is relatively rainy and foggy, choose 6000K pure white light.

If there are relatively many rainy and foggy days in your area, you can also choose "double color temperature LED headlights", use pure white light on sunny days, and yellow light on rainy and foggy days.

Fourth, choose the correct headlight model

Commonly used models of car headlights are: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, 9005, 9006, 9012 and so on.

The automotive LED headlights supplier believes that, whether halogen or LED, all bulb interfaces are produced to a uniform specification; as long as the headlamp model corresponds, the interface must be the same. Therefore, before upgrading and installing LED headlights, you must first figure out what type of headlights your car uses. If the headlight model is not correct, it will definitely not fit.

Automotive Led Headlights

Automotive Led Headlights

Fifth. LED headlights with "radiator + fan" cooling method

There are currently three main types of heat dissipation methods used by mainstream automotive LED headlights on the market. The first type: radiator heat dissipation, the second type: copper strip cooling, the third type: radiator + fan cooling. By far the most efficient cooling method is the third.

Six, try to choose the products of the first-tier manufacturers

In the process of daily car repair, many riders brought me LED headlights and asked me to help them. I saw some of the lights brought by riders, packed in English, without a certificate, without manuals, rough workmanship, and poor packaging. At first glance, it was made by a small factory. How can such lights be mounted on the car?

Seven, about whether the dust cover should be sealed

Generally speaking, upgrade the installation of car LED headlights, using the original car dust cover can be. Now the LED headlights, are lossless installation, do not need to change the line, do not need to open holes in the dust cover; Just take the halogen bulb off the car and replace it with an LED. It's as simple as changing the halogen bulb on the car.

In addition, there are LED headlights for special cars, such as Volkswagen sagitan, haima S5, trumpchi GS4, baojun 560, baojun 730, etc., all of which have special LED headlights for special cars, equipped with special dustproof cover, with very good sealing, as shown below:

Dust cover must be sealed, if the seal is not done well, the headlamp assembly will fog, or even water, affecting the normal use of headlights.