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As a Roof Top Tent Suppliers, share with you.

Roof Top Car Top Tent

Roof Top Car Top Tent

1. It is the first thing to check the vehicle before traveling. It is best to invite more vehicles when traveling by car. The vehicle must be thoroughly inspected before departure to ensure that it is in the best condition. After the end of each day's trip, a simple inspection of the vehicle should be carried out, and any problems found should be dealt with in a timely manner. The car should also be prepared to repair the common tools of the car to be foolproof.

2. Get timely information on road conditions. Before driving, you must master the road information in advance. If you feel that the information provided by TV or radio is not enough, you can choose to call the Meteorological Station by telephone. Especially in the foggy season, you should inquire about the road conditions in advance, master the accurate situation, avoid the closure of the highway, the difficulty of driving the road, etc., adding unnecessary trouble to yourself.

3. Drive at a constant speed. In winter, avoid driving fast and slow. Try to make the vehicle drive at a constant speed, especially on icy and snowy roads. Pay attention to not being too fast to avoid rear-end collisions.

4. Be prepared for "unexpected needs". Be aware that you need to be attentive when going far, and take into consideration as far as possible the problems you may encounter on the road, so that you can prepare for unexpected needs. Including: spare tire, air pump, flashlight, antifreeze, brake oil, gear oil, motor oil, light bulb, various specifications of insurance film, jack, trailer rope, pliers, wrench.

5. Drive the car to the repair shop to fully check the condition of the car, especially the condition of the engine, brakes, tires, etc., don't be foolproof.

6. Spare items for self-driving travel must be prepared: thick down sleeping bags, outdoor shoes, moisture-proof pads, 2 tow ropes, mats, tableware, lighters, flashlights, spare batteries, drinking glasses, credit cards, personal ID cards, driving licenses, driving Certificate, Swiss Army Knife. Do n’t forget that the Swiss Army Knife is a must-have multifunctional tool for travel. Standing medicine: cold medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine, sunscreen, hemostatic bandage, band-aid, eye drops, safflower oil.

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