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od Frank Lu - sreda, 12 avgust 2020, 10:49
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PTFE Filter Cartridge

Product Description of Filtration Element

YTPTFE Series PTFE filter cartridge adopts PTFE filter membrane as filtration medium. No need to soak wet, can filter directly. The product has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, organic solvent resistance, can filter all kinds of corrosive liquid.

Performance features of Fiberglass Filter Cartridge

High pass volume, low pressure difference.

Good acid and alkali resistance.

Widely applicability, chemical compatibility, good resistance to oxidation

Products by 100% integrity test before delivery.

The filter membrane is hydrophobic/hydrophilic with absolute filtration accuracy

 Low protein adsorption performance

Extremely low precipitates

Application about Polypropylene Membrane filtration Cartridge

Solvent sterilization filtration.

Corrosive liquid sterilization filtration.

Strong oxidizing liquid sterilization filtration.

High temperature liquid particle removal filtration;

Filtration of high viscosity liquid

Acid, alkaline and corrosive liquid filtration

Terminal filtration of high purity chemical solvent

Filtration of photoresist, developer and etchant;