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Soi keo Dealer Shanghai SIPG vs Wuhan Zall, 17:00 August 12 - China National Championship

Shanghai SIPG vs Wuhan Zall, 17:00 on 12/8, 4th round of Chinese national championship 2020/21. Prediction, Shanghai SIPG vs Wuhan Zall prediction is most accurate.

- Asian handicap: Shanghai SIPG accepts Wuhan Zall 1.5 left

- The odds of faints: Rate 3 / 3.5 left

Shanghai SIPG vs Wuhan Zall Asian Handicap

Shanghai SIPG is one of the rare teams in the Chinese league that has an unbeaten record. After 3 rounds played, they earned 2 wins and 1 draw to rank 2nd on the standings.

What Shanghai SIPG has done is quite a surprise, when their level is at the level of a mid-range team. But when in the hands of veteran strategist Vitor Pereira, nothing is impossible.

The next match against Wuhan Zall continues to be a very good opportunity for this team to continue its impressive streak. In the past, this was the favorite prey of Shanghai SIPG with 6 wins and 3 sword draws in the last 10 matches.

In addition, Wuhan Zall also has a disadvantage when playing away from home field. 4 matches away from home have passed, they received 3 defeats.

It's not hard to see that all the statistics right now are against Wuhan Zall. Therefore, their chances of winning points against Shanghai SIPG is really slim.

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Shanghai SIPG vs Wuhan Zall (Over / under)

The defense of Wuhan Zall has always had problems during the battle going on away field. Typically in the past 5 matches, they had to receive up to 8 goals. Thanks to that, Shanghai SIPG can fully expect a separate victory.

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The recent form of Shanghai SIPG vs Wuhan Zall

Wuhan Zall only won 1 match in 4 recent trips as a guest

Shanghai SIPG has 3 consecutive unbeaten matches

Predict the score Shanghai SIPG vs Wuhan Zall by Gambland: 3-1