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Super Vidalista Medicine  is known to have a revolutionary formula that remedy impotence in men. Super Vidalista accommodates formula Dapoxetine with 20Mg / 60Mg liquidation and Tadalafil with a liquidation of 20Mg.

These both active components can be used to discard untimely sediment and enable a man to accomplish a quality structure which sustains for a longer duration of time. This medication does not materially require a prescription and can be used Except one. Also, it is momentous to record that Vidalista is not as costly as Viagra and can not be considered as a financial load.

It is taken an hour before performing sex and is used by individual to do sexual activity. Super Vidalista with a glass of water and is available in a variety of dosage. It is received by the client in a private package which is packed discreetly so that the privacy of the client is hampered.

These drugs have an accurate bulletin which needs to be read carefully before using it. It has all the information that is needed by the patient in order to consider before taking this medicine.

There is an explicit category which shows the exact composition of the medicine so that people can know if they are allergic to a certain substance in a drug.

How Super Vidalista Works?

Dapoxetine works by boosting levels and delaying the break-down of serotonin, a chemical found in the central nervous system, keeping the hormone level higher, which helps to slow down ejaculation. Dapoxetine was originally developed to treat depression but its effect was short lasting. As part of testing it was found to help with premature ejaculation and is now used primarily for that purpose.

Super Vidalista Tablet treats Erectile Dysfunction by relaxing muscles and allowing more blood to flow to the penis. The relaxed muscles allow more blood to flow through the arteries in the penis, allowing the person to accomplish a harder erection.

The conjunction of Super Vidalista Tablet and dapoxetine in Super Vidalista furnish a longer standing erection, up to 4 hours, and delays ejaculation to give the person and his partner a more satisfying sexual experience.

How to take Super Vidalista Tablet?

Super Vidalista Tablet  is a single tablet should be taken once in a day at about 30 minutes before the intercourse. Swallow the tablet with a glass of water. It can be taken with or without food. Make sure that you do not consume a fatty meal before and after the consumption of this medicine.

Vidalista last for up to 4-6 hours, so preserve a duration of 36 hours between two doses. Don't take more than prescribed dose. In the case of overdosing, seek medical help instantly.


Missed Dose: 

Super Vidalista is calibrated to target all the kind of the audience, along the one who loves daily sex. 

The minimum Super Vidalista dose, like 2.5 Mg should be taken daily and in case of the missed schedule, take the dose urgently. 

Don't ingest the missed dose if you are close to the second dose.


both by the physician and information pamphlet would minimize the overdose chances.

However, if you overdose, halt the dose immediately, and run to the doctor.

Side Effects:

  • flushing
  • back pain
  • headache
  • indigestion
  • dizziness
  • diarrhea
  • dry mouth
  • flushing
  • indigestion
  • muscle aches
  • insomnia
  • nausea
  • stuffy or runny nose


Super Vidalista Pills  is a safe and reliable drug that has certain side effects just like any other ED medicament. It includes headache, blurriness, sleeplessness, vision loss, dizziness, drowsiness, diarrhea, stomach upset, indigestion, and muscle pain. These side effects are not necessarily about to happen but you may or may not face these during medication. It is advisable to consult the doctor for the same.

Buy Super Vidalista online from us and get the genuine product at the best rate. Read Super Vidalista reviews for a better understanding of the tablet.


Super Vidalista Drugs  shows the maximum effect when it is stored in the room temperature— 15 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Make fair distance from heat, sunlight, and moisture.

Keep kids and pets away from the store.

It's nay to the kitchen, bathroom, window panes, or balcony storage.


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