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Stain remover Powerful Decontamination Dishwashing paste

Relieve long-term degreasing and decontamination, and remove all kinds of stains

Product Description

Type: Xiaoqiang's Father Cleaning Paste

Detergent Type: Cleaner

Shape: Paste

OEM Service: yes

Place of Origin: Hebei, China

Brand Name: Sida

Fresh Cleaning Paste

Relieve long-term degreasing and decontamination, and remove all kinds of stains

Features: This agent can be used with the range hood, gas stove, fume passage, air-conditioning grille, various cooking containers and utensils. After application, it can be effectively released to remove heavy oil stains and other surfaces on the kitchen. Light oil stains on the items, upgraded and optimized formula, fresh and not pungent, gentle and does not hurt your hands.

Net content: 250g

Decontamination Cleaning Paste

How to use: When cleaning heavy stains and sticky stains, first apply the agent to the oil stains. After 10 minutes, it can be combined with heavy oil stains. Then use a rag to wash with water and brush with a brush. Other items such as textiles can be soaked, hand-washed and machine washed.

Handan sida detergent factory has been engaged in household washing products for 20 years since 1996.The main business livelihood inseparable from the daily chemical products, the product range covers "fabric washing, protection, elimination,Household cleaning, fresh air, hair care, "Eco-Friendly Detergent, 360 Detergent Scale, kitchen cleaning powder, Oil removal clean powder, Stubborn Stains Removal Cleaner, High Foam Washing Powder, Biological Washing Powder, Oem Cleaning Paste, Xiaoqiang's Father Cleaning Paste.