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od Mark Anderson - nedelja, 9. avgust 2020, 19:41
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Carpet cleaning

Carpeting is a very nice type of floor to display, but also delicate, so keeping it clean requires patience and shrewdness. Frequent routine cleaning is therefore a starting point for keeping a carpet clean, because if it were neglected, extreme cleaning would have to be much more laborious and also costly in economic terms. Yes, because for extraordinary and deep cleaning, sometimes you need the intervention of a specialized company that has professional equipment and products.

For normal cleaning, you first need a rhythm and a product on the carpet. Before you start cleaning, it’s a good idea to free up as much space as possible in the room by moving furniture and removing objects, while protecting surfaces from splashing. After two pulse steps, one vertical and one horizontal, you can choose whether to perform a maintenance wash or a deep wash.

Carpet cleaning

Before you start, it is good to check the color seal of the carpet, doing the tests in hidden corners. If you opt for dry shampooing, you need a monospazzola with a foam generator and a carpet brush. With this method, not too wet carpet and eliminate surface dirt without much effort. In the case of a wet embarrassment, however, you need a single-hop machine with a tank and a carpet brush: the wash must be uniform to achieve the optimal result. Cleaning is similar to the dry technique, but the carpet will be wetter, so you’ll have to wait a little longer and level the space better. A third solution for maintenance washing is the front cover system, which consists of repetitive transitions on the fabric through a single-ply, equipped with special pads that rotate on the surface and intervene to remove dirt present on the surface.

Washing at the bottom of the carpet

This is a wash that cannot be done with a wool carpet with a jute bottom, as if it were wet this surface would become shorter with drying. No problem, but in the case of a classic rug. In this case, you need to have an atomizer and a product for washing carpets, which should be distributed over the surface, focusing more on the most colored places. After the product has been in use for 15 minutes, you should wash the carpet with an injection extractor, paying attention to the adjustment of the brush and the flow of water according to the height of the hair. Important: however, if the carpet has undergone other treatments with dry shampoo, do not forget about anti-foam.

Alternatively, you can use mon-ospazzola and aspiraliquids to wash carpet floors. After stretching the product with an atomizer, you need to let it work for about 15 minutes. When you need to proceed with a mono-brush equipped with a carpet disc, you can finally vacuum everything with a liquid vacuum. To avoid the formation of extensive foams, it is important to put anti-foam in the trash. In any case, read the labels carefully before using any product, as they always contain important indications.