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Today,  creating a web page  is a simple task. Or, at least, relatively. But, without a doubt, we are clear that it is a task that (no longer) requires highly technical or deep knowledge in the field. Contrary to what happened a few years ago.

In our days, anyone - like you or me - could easily create their own and, surely - and even without having any kind of idea about how HTML, JavaScript or CSS works - they could  get their own website  , with a minimum quality, in in addition to a good navigation structure and a wide variety of content in a simple way.

And, if today any mortal being -with a minimum of digital knowledge- is capable of creating their own website, it is, undoubtedly,  thanks to the existence of e-commerce CMS  , or «Content Management System» for short English. Or, what is the same: software tools that are used to create, administer and manage a website with ease and without the need to have knowledge of web programming.

However,  depending on the purpose of the web page  that the user wants to create (for example, an eCommerce, a content blog, a digital magazine or a corporate page, among others),  different types of software should be considered.  , since there are some more qualified and valued for some functions; and others for others.

For this reason, in our article today we are going to analyze the best CMS for ecommerce that, without a doubt, you should keep an eye on, and even more so if yours is the online sector. Pay a lot of attention! Here we go!

The best CMS to manage the content of web pages

However, before starting our evaluation, we want (as always when we make articles of this type) to remind you that this is a live list in which, if you consider it important to include a tool,  do not forget to leave it to us indicated in comments and we will take it into account  . We begin, in alphabetical order:


The  mytopcompares CMS creates different e-commerce experiences for its customers, thanks, among other things, to its  powerful SaaS solution,  as well as its  high levels of security  and its  simple interface  that hides a complex system for optimizing operations.

Software that enhances B2B and B2C e-commerce, and which currently has more than 60,000 SMEs in its client portfolio, of which more than 2,000 are medium-sized companies and leaders in the US market, and more than 25 are part of the Fortune 1000 list. Without a doubt, a leading e-commerce CMS in the market.

·        Foundation year:   2009

·        Country:   Australia

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb): 17,548


The second CMS tool that we want to mention is CommerceTools , a highly scalable software today, which is made up of an API that supports a modern architecture on the website and that allows - in this way - to offer a multitude of extra integrations.

The CMS gives the opportunity to  maintain catalog data, run campaigns and access customer and order data, all from the same interface and simultaneously. The tool, despite being paid, has a 60-day trial version in which it offers its (potential) clients the opportunity to try the tool and experience its advantages.

·        Foundation year: 2016

·        Country: Germany

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb): 493,240

Eebloo Ecommerce

Eebloo Ecommerce is a CMS for e-commerce that is defined, on its website, as »an agile, innovative and economical e-commerce cloud solution». It is built on a high-performance multi-tenant architecture that is ready to operate in any geography, language or currency , and through any channel or device.

Its goal is to help organizations profitably manage global e-commerce operations , minimizing costs and complexities. Among others, it has recognized clients within the national market such as HP , elEconomista, Lenovo, Toshiba or Grupo Zeta.

·        Foundation year: 2007

·        Country: Spain

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb): N / A

Lightspeed HQ

Lightspeed HQ is a CMS that defines itself as a high-tech point of sale, providing its customers with easy software to create, manage, administer and grow their business; be it retail , wholesale or any other type.

In this way, from day 1 when a client adds to their portfolio, Lightspeed HQ offers -not only a purely technical service- but also a smarter job thanks to data-based decision-making, which creates the best experience for brands . That is, without a doubt, its philosophy and brand essence.

·        Foundation year:  2005

·        Country:  Canada

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  126,067


Another CMS we want to mention is Mabisy , an eCommerce software with more than 17 years of experience, and more than 31,000 online stores created in Europe and America , with a presence in Spain. Through a team of specialized eCommerce professionals, who provide personalized solutions to each business, Mabisy offers its clients a totally ad hoc service to the brand objective.

It has different fare prices, ranging from € 0 to € 169 , depending on the needs of the service, which may vary depending on whether you only need to register a website, or also personalized support.

·        Foundation year: 2002

·        Country: Spain

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb): 643,293

Magento CMS

Magento , in addition to being a recognized CMS for generating web pages and managing them in a simple way, makes thousands of extensions available to its users that include functionalities for payments, shipping, taxes, analytics and logistics, essential to compete in electronic commerce . 

Basically it is a comprehensive open source (released code) solution for developing web pages oriented to online sales, but Magento is not easy to use at all if you are a beginner or lack programming knowledge. In addition, it has been chosen as the number 1 provider for the majority of digital businesses in Latin America.

·        Foundation year:  2001

·        Country:  USA

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  41,676


Active since 1997, CMS Magnolia is a platform that offers its clients great digital experiences. It is one of the great content management systems, thanks to its  ease of use and availability,  as it has an  Open Source license . 

In addition to its  strong content modeling and multi-site management capabilities , Magnolia is ideal for multi-language, multi-channel and multi-site digital experiences - that is, those websites that involve multi-region delivery. Some like Avis, Generali or The New York Times have already counted on your help for web or mobile initiatives, perfectly combining power and agility.

·        Foundation year: 1997

·        Country:  Switzerland

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb): 637,772


For those looking to sell products online, Instagram or Facebook, Palbin may be your solution. Originally from Zaragoza, this CMS for e-commerce allows you to create, in 4 simple steps, an online store easily and quickly, and without the need for technical knowledge.

As an addition, it integrates the website with a SEO and SEM 360 positioning service , in addition to a completely personalized design by the client, and a high SSL security certificate. It has free 1-month trials, as well as plans that range from € 20, the simplest, to € 70 -if the client seeks greater support and personalized attention 24/7.

·        Foundation year:  2009

·        Country:  Spain

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb): 296,033

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PrestaShop is an e-commerce and open source solution (in constant evolution) that powers more than 300,000 online stores, today, in the world.

In addition, it has a partnership of brands as well recognized in our days as PayPal, Google, MailChimp or Facebook, all of which contribute their bit to the web pages created through this CMS that, without a doubt, offers a comprehensive service for its clients. .

·        Foundation year: 2007

·        Country:  France

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  34,280


Another of our selected CMS is Proximis , a software of French origin that seamlessly integrates all the sales channels the company has, starting with the physical point of sale and ending with social media.

In addition, it has a stock management and notification system , as well as a host of control features: from deliveries, to clicks, charges, reservations, etc. On the other hand, it has a technical support team that supports its clients in reaching business objectives and accelerating growth.

·        Foundation year: 2008

·        Country: France

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  386,504


Shopify will be, possibly, one of the CMS for ecommerce of this list that is best known to you. It provides you with a wide range of templates that can be customized to meet your brand's requirements, and allows you to sell physical or digital products. Undoubtedly, an extremely easy, intuitive software with a comfortable interface, which also offers (among other services) monthly reports  on the evolution of traffic and sales to the website,  as well as its own app  with direct access to orders and analytics.

It has a basic plan of $ 29 (about € 26) a month that includes from the web to the possibility of recovering abandoned carts (among other functions); another medium of $ 79 (about € 72) that includes, in addition to the basics, the option of generating gift cards and professional reports; and another premium of $ 299 (about € 270) that even calculates shipping costs by external providers. Any of the three to be chosen by their clients, depending on the needs and support that each one needs.

·        Foundation year: 2004

·        Country:  Canada

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  1,040


Shopware is an open source e-commerce platform that is already trusted by more than 80,000 companies, including leading European brands, retailers and manufacturers in the B2C and B2B industries . Shopware has a global network of more than 1,200 technology and solution partners, as well as an active developer community that provides customers with all kinds of benefits (such as 24/7 certified professional support).

Shopware prices go through a completely free basic software, to another professional for just over € 100 a month and a last one oriented to companies, whose price is ad hoc to the type of support needed.

·        Foundation year:  2000

·        Country:  Germany

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  138,932


The ThirtyBees CMS is another of the software tools that we want to mention in this article. A CMS that is easy to implement and manage, adaptable to all devices ( responsive format ), which also has the following advantages: it offers a high level of security and optimized speed, as well as a modular design and good support service .

Your hiring has an SEO control attached that will place the web in good levels of organic positioning in terms of search engines.

·        Foundation year:  2017

·        Country:  USA

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  1,506,130


Of Brazilian origin, the Vtex e-commerce  CMS  is one of the main  e-commerce software platforms worldwide and one of the largest technology companies in Latin America. It offers  omnichannel commerce solutions, that is, it unifies the consumer experiences in all the sales channels of a business for 2,500 global brands, including Sony, Nestlé, Coca Cola, Braun or The North Face.

Among its innovations as a company include:  Smart Checkout ,  a proprietary password-free payment process, as well as a serverless development framework called VTEX IO, which enables its customers and partners to  develop scalable web applications  in a flexible way and providing complete autonomy. In addition, in 2018, Vtex was awarded in a study developed by IDC as a star platform in the category of SaaS and B2C digital commerce in the cloud.

·        Foundation year: 1999

·        Country: Brazil

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  267,015


What started in 2008 as three WordPress enthusiasts from different countries sharing ideas via email is now an international team of designers, developers, support and marketing staff, serving a passionate and constantly growing community of hundreds of thousands of users. . WooCommerce  is, without a doubt, a great provider of WordPress tools.

Basically Woocomerce is the WordPress plugin that can turn your website into an e-commerce. The installation is done with a few clicks, without the need to know programming. Once installed, you can already add products, create categories or configure shipping costs. Everything is ready to use the store almost immediately. As relevant data, and according to what they affirm on their website, WooCommerce -today- generates more than 30% of all online stores with more than 1 million downloads.

·        Foundation year: 1999

·        Country: USA

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  28,137

Yii PHP Framework

To finish our article, we would like to refer to  Yii PHP Framework  , a fast, secure and efficient CMS in equal parts.

And, it is that, if there is one thing that the Yii PHP Framework team is clear about, it is, without a doubt, that the moment a new client enters their portfolio, the programming of their website must be  goal-oriented  ; and each ad hoc to its brand essence.

·        Foundation year:  2013

·        Country:  Russia

·        Global Ranking (SimilarWeb):  99.404