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Ess All-In-One



 ESS ALL IN ONE energy storage system products support PV, power grid and load three-way access. Through multi-energy input, energy utilization can be realized to the greatest extent and stable electric energy can be provided for customers. ESS ALL IN ONE consists of multi-functional energy storage bidirectional converter, lithium ion battery, industrial air conditioner, submerged fire protection, independent internal power supply, lighting and other systems. At the same time, the equipment has off-grid switching function, which can carry out multi-energy comprehensive deployment according to demand in off-grid state to form an independent micro-grid system and realize uninterrupted power supply for loads.

 ESS ALL IN ONE energy storage system is divided into container and integrated cabinet, all of which are of integrated design, and the interior is mostly of modular design, which can realize quick installation and debugging. ESS ALL IN ONE energy storage system is widely used on the power generation side, transmission side and distribution side. It has good grid adaptability and can be used together with new energy power stations to smooth the new energy generation curve and improve the new energy generation.




 Prismatic aluminium LFP battery cells and PACK with safety first priority design.

 The welding mode of the module adopts high-power laser penetration welding technology with low impedance and high strength to ensure the reliability of connection. IPG6000W laser + custom Busbar welding fixture equipment are adopted, with reliable welding strength and equipment welding speed as high as 80 mm/s. The battery cells are insulated and fixed with high melting point and 2000V-resistant plastic insulating supports, which fully cover the engineering plastic top cover and prevent touching and short circuit.

 High and low voltage power cables and signal wires between battery modules are connected with unique connectors, and factors such as system operating voltage, overvoltage category, pollution level and insulation materials are fully considered in the design of electrical clearance and creepage distance. The safety of battery usage is fully guaranteed.

 Solar Integrated ESS ALL-IN-ONE system for Bank center

 ESS All-In-One Indoor for Home using

 ESS All-In-One for Business center

 Integrated ESS ALL-IN-ONE system for Telecom 

 PV Integrated ESS ALL-IN-ONE system for Business center

 Power generation side Ess All-In-One 

 Distribution side Ess All-In-One

 High strength Ess All-In-One


 Support simultaneous access of battery, power grid, PV and load.

 Modular design, easy expansion and maintenance.

 High power density, small occupied area.

 Off-grid state seamlessly switches <10ms, uninterrupted power supply.

 Flexible setting of various working modes.

 Highly Integrated Battery and PV Management System.

 With perfect converter and battery protection.

 Multiple systems can be connected in parallel, and expansion is convenient.

 Customizable design to meet different needs.

 Meet smart grid design specifications and accept grid dispatching.

 Indoor/outdoor protection grade is optional, and cycle life ≥ 5000 times.

 Support local and remote monitoring.

 Ingress Protection Grade IP54, suitable for outdoor harsh environment.


Dynamic environment monitoring unit

The Dynamic environment monitoring unit is a network monitoring system developed by our company for energy storage system, which integrates equipment monitoring and Dynamic environment expansion, and truly realizes modular management of all energy storage components. The system adopts the most secure Linux system platform and has the functions of IP visual management and one-touch configuration. At the same time, it has a unified management platform, which can make the energy storage system run automatically and realize 24-hour unattended operation. When any monitoring subsystem is abnormal, the system will alarm in time and inform the administrator automatically.


Fire fighting

To ensure the absolute safety of the energy storage system, our company has formulated a complete solution for all Life cycle early warning and intelligent fire fighting of the energy storage system. Fully submerged tank type heptafluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing system is adopted. Fire detectors are installed at the top of ESS All in one space and inside battery holder. All detectors perform logical OR, i.e. one detector detects a fire, i.e. it detects a fire in the energy storage station and automatically starts the fire extinguisher in conjunction. At the same time, a pressure relief port is reserved and installed in the product to balance the pressure difference inside and outside the station when the gas fire extinguisher is started, thus ensuring the safety of the system in all directions.


EMS Control Module

EMS control module is the control center of the whole ESS All in one energy storage system, which can realize power distribution of the energy storage system and management of the energy storage battery system and internal equipment (PCS, air conditioning, entrance guard, fire fighting, etc.). At the same time, it can monitor and manage PV, wind power, diesel and other energy sources connected to ESS All in one system.


EMS system can realize the interconnection among low-speed serial bus, field bus network and high-speed Ethernet to build a high-speed, reliable and open communication network. Energy storage control strategies can be operated to realize various control strategies such as peak cut, smoothing of new energy output, grid frequency modulation, etc. It can monitor the running status of the on-site energy storage system and play the role of communication management for the superior control system. To realize all-round control of the energy storage system.