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LFP battery with BMS


 The battery module consists of 12 prismatic aluminum LFP cells in series

 Single cell capacity 271AH, energy density 165Wh/kg

 Touch screen display monitoring the state of the system and each battery cell

 Equipped with 3 layers  adaptive equalization BMS,  CAN and RS485 communication


 Utility and Commercial ESS, UPS

 Lithium iron phosphate Battery Rack for Data Center

 Lithium iron phosphate Battery Cabinet for Telecom

 Lithium-Ion Battery Rack for Business Center

 Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet for Home using

 Li-Ion Battery Cabinet for Hospital

 Commercial ESS Lithium-ion Battery System for Commercial Center

 LFP Battery system for Subway

 LFP Battery Cabinet for Train Station

 High Energy LFP Battery System for PV system

 High Energy Li-Ion Battery System for Solar system

 Li-Ion Battery with BMS for Wind turbine

 Li-Ion Battery Rack with BMS for State Grid

 Li-Ion Battery Cabinet with BMS for ESS

 LFP Battery system with BMS for Backup power supply

 LFP Battery Rack with BMS for Hydroelectric power generation

 High Energy Lithium-ion Battery System for Off-grid connection

 Utility High Energy Lithium-ion Battery System for Grid connection

 Reliability Lithium-ion Battery System for Super Market


 Battery cells with industry-leading energy density and reliability.

 The maximum loaded capacity of a 40FT container can be more than 4MW

 Equipped with adaptive equalization BMS, display screen, CAN and RS485 communication

 Modular system with standard modules convenient for maintenance and expansion

 Systems parallelizable