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od Benson GAO - četrtek, 9. julij 2020, 10:01
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Data Center Mount Lithium Battery System


 2U Height Module, fits on 19 “ Standard  Rack

 System consists of cylindrical LFP cells in series and parallels, with a maximum system capacity of 2.42kWH

 Touch screen display monitoring the state of the system and each battery cell

 Support 20 minutes backup time for 6KVA  UPS

 Equipped with 3 layers  adaptive equalization BMS,CAN and RS48 communication

Lithium-Ion Battery Cabinet Application Area

 UPS, Data Center,  Telecom, Residential

 Rack Mount LFP Battery System for UPS

 Rack Mount Li-Ion Battery System for Data center UPS

 Rack Mount Lithium Battery System for Telecom UPS

 UPS Rack Mount Lithium Battery System 

 Telecom Rack Mount Lithium Battery System

 Residential Rack Mount Lithium Battery System for Backup power

 Data Center Mount Lithium Battery System

 Lithium iron phosphate battery for business certer

 Lithium iron phosphate Battery Pack for Hospital

 Lithium iron phosphate Battery Module for Subway

 Lithium-Ion Battery Module for Train Station

 LFP Battery Pack for PV system

 LFP Battery Module for Solar power

 Lithium-Ion Battery with BMS for ESS

 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with BMS for Wind turbine

 Lithium-Ion Battery Module with BMS for Warehouse backup power supply

 Li-Ion Battery with BMS for State Grid

 Li-Ion Battery Pack with BMS for Super Market

 Li-Ion Battery Module with BMS for Office UPS

 LFP battery with BMS for Grid connection

 LFP Battery Module with BMS for Off-grid connection

 UPS Lithium-ion Battery System 

 Lithium-Ion Battery System for Bus station

 Frequency Regulation Lithium-Ion Battery System

 Peak Load Shifting Lithium-Ion Battery System


Lithium iron phosphate Battery Cabinet Features:

 Up to 480V DC out put with handy size.

 High power density supports maximum 3C discharge

 Highly modular system convenient for maintenance  and expansion

 Systems parallelizable