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Enguard 58KHz Anti-theft Security Acrylic Gate

Product Description

Operating Voltage: AC(50~60hz)110~230V

Frequency: 58KHZ

Working Type: TX +RX Or MONO

Main Board: AM BOARD

Material: ARCYLIC

Antenna size: 156*42*11.4CM



DR label ≥1.6m

Mid tag ≥2.6m

Big tag ≥3m

Shenzhen Enguard Digital Co.,Ltd Product advantages:

1.Advanced DSP technology,wireless sync

2.DSP main board with strong ability to anti interference

3.Detection range:0.7-0.9m(soft label), 1.0-1.5m(tags)

4.Ajustable sound and light alarm

5.Each pedestal with security alarm system

6.Compatible with different soft labels and tags

7.Stable performance, High Sensitive, Pretty style

8.Regulating by  portable remote control device

Product Application:Clothing Anti Theft Gate

Widely used in clothing stores, pharmacies, maternal and child stores, bookstores, supermarkets, shoes, luggage stores, jewelry, 3G digital stores, etc.


1. All 220V AC power used by all antennas must be one way.

2. There should be no large metal objects  within 1.5m around the system.

3. The distance between the decoder installation should be more than 1.5m away from the system.

4. Equipment installation should be as far as possible from the escalators and elevators.

5. The equipment is divided into two types: the master unit and the slave; the master is the alarm antenna, and the LED indicator is displayed above the power supply. The slave is the antenna with the detection range and there is no alarm function.