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Am shopping mall anti-theft alarms Acousto-magnetic security system


Operating Voltage:AC(50~60hz)110~230V


Working Type:TX +RX Or MONO     

Main Board :AM BOARD 


Antenna size :139*35*14CM


DR label ≥1.2m 

Mid tag  ≥1.7m            

Big tag ≥2.2m

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Product features:

1) New PCB board improved by our company

2) High quality stainless steel fram and pedestal. Not easy to be damaged.

3) Compatible with all acoustic systems, stable performance.

4)Working mode can be selected.

5)One primary antenna only can work with up to two secondary antennas.

6)Software is provided for system adjustment.

Alarm Antenna System For Sale:Shenzhen Enguard Digital Co.,Ltd

Installation principle

1.Connected ground line.

2.The ideal current  is about 30A. It is usually matched by antenna jumper. Generally, it is guaranteed to be at least 15A or more.

3.For the acoustic magnetic(AM) system, it is very important to synchronize all the devices, including the acoustic magnetic(AM) deactivator.

Computer debugging: For the principle of threshold and sensitivity selection, if the threshold is set as large as possible, the sensitivity should be as small as possible.

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