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Anti Theft RF 8.2MHz Alarm Security Sensor EAS System

Product Description

Product name:EG-RF01 Anti Theft RF 8.2MHz Alarm Security Sensor EAS System

Operating Voltage: AC(50~60hz)110~220V

Frequency: 8.2mhz

Working Type: TX +RX

Material: stainless steel

Antenna size: 165*34*8cm


4*4 label: 120cm

Mini tag: 130cm

Mid tag: 160cm

Big tag: 200cm

Product feature:This RF system is a new PCB board improved by our company. It adopts DSP technology and is stable and not easily disturbed by other systems during operation. It has a long detection distance with low energy consumption.


Main Features

1) Easy installation: Don't need adjustment, generally it's plug-and-use. It can automatically adjust working state according to the environment.

2) Hand-tuned anti-jamming function:easily to adjust.

Packing:1680*350*140mm 2pcs/ctn 18kg

Shenzhen Enguard Digital Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates R&D, production, sales and after-sales service of EAS RF, AM and RFID products. We have independent professional product research and development members, including line circuit board development, plastic mold design and production, and independent circuit board plug-in patch production line. Currently, there are about 60 in-service staff, we provide tailor-made one-stop defense for customers.