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It has become the biggest pain points for the new energy vehicle industry with long charging time, short endurance mileage and insufficient safety. Consumers are full of anxiety about the endurance mileage and charging time of the vehicles. Therefore, all major automobile enterprises and battery companies have deployed fast charging technology. The models on the market can achieve 30 minutes of charging to 80% of the electricity at present, which meets the charging rate of 1.6C. The charging time needs to be within 10 minutes and achieve a battery life of more than 200km in order to truly be able to compete with fuel-powered vehicles.


As a leading domestic supplier of power battery systems, Guangzhou Great Power Energy & Technology CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as "Great Power") has been recognized by many vehicle manufacturers with its excellent battery research and development and supply capabilities. At present, Great Power is cooperating with vehicle manufacturers to develop 6C fast charging technology to promote the development of new energy vehicles. It has achieved charging for 8 minutes for a endurance mileage of 300kms.

What is 6C Fast Charging Technology?

C refers to the charge and discharge rate, which can be simply understood as the rate of charge and discharge. For example, if a current of 1C is used to charge and discharge, in theory it takes 1/1 = 1 hour from full charge to full discharge; 2C = 1/2 hour, which is 30 minutes. Then the 6C fast charging technology from Great Power is to make the vehicle battery be fully charged in 10 minutes.

Great Power Released 6C Fast Charge Battery Products

Great Power launched batteries with 6C continuous charging performance after several years of research and development and continuing to overcome the major technical problems of fast charging, such as rising fast charging temperature, low constant current ratio, low energy density, and poor safety, etc. This battery has 6C continuous charging performance, which can reach 80% of the electricity in 8 minutes and 95% in 10 minutes, and has a high energy density (> 200Wh / kg) with cycle life of the battery more than 4000 weeks. In addition, the product has performed well in a series of professional tests such as overcharge (1.5 times of 1C), thermal shock, short circuit, over discharge, and extrusion, etc. and the safety meets the requirements from national standards.

The overall performance of this type of product far exceeds that of other products of the same type on the market and has completed the development of 390 standard batteries cells for module use and modules, which is conducive to promotion and has good compatibility. There are two types of soft-pack battery core specifications of 0914897-13Ah and 08102341-30Ah that can meet the different needs on pure electric, PHEV and extended range vehicles.