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od Grace Zhao - ponedeljek, 6. julij 2020, 09:57
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Sinotools - garden tools exporter in China, let me introduce the classification of garden tools.

There are the classify of the garden tools, then let me tell you according to the classification of objects used, it can also be divided into household tools and professional tools.

According to different power, it is divided into engine category and electric category. The engine category uses 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines. Honda or BS is the first choice for high-end products.  Electric class is subdivided into AC class and DC class.

Gardening tools: garden scissors, flower tools (garden flowers, small sets of flowers).  The main products of garden shears are high branch shears, hedge shears (fence shears), pruning shears (pruning shears, pruning shears), multipurpose shears, fruit shears, flower shears, grass shears, etc.  The garden set of flower tools (garden flower tools, small set of flower tools) includes flower shovels, flower shovels, flower rakes, flower hoes, flower forks, etc. Specifically, there are two-head hoe (two-head flower hoe), flat hoe, flat rake, three-tooth flower hoe, three-tooth flower rake, hoe rake, hoe pick, big flower shovel, small flower shovel, three-character flower shovel, one-character flower fork, six-tooth flower rake, etc.

Garden machines and tools mainly include: lawn mower, mower for cutting and irrigation, hedge trimmer, chain saw, water pump, punching machine, leather drafting machine, pulling pesticide sprayer and various garden tools.

With the development of urban construction in China in recent years, urban greening has become a large industry, and daily maintenance depends on these tools to complete.  We often see garden tools powered by gasoline engines, such as lawn mowers, pruning shears, lawn mowers, edge trimmers, brush cutters, etc.