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The appearance of the topstitch lines has an impact on how the final project looks. Even for an experienced sewist who has been sewing thousands of straight stitches, the fact that these lines will be visible can be scary. So here are some of my tips to help you achieve those perfect straight stitches you want:

Increase The Stitch Length


Sew longer stitches

Top stitches look better when they are a bit longer than regular stitches. What I usually use is 3.5 mm stitch length. If what you have is a best starter sewing machine  Image  it will surely have this feature.

Play around with the stitch length until you find the length that suits your projects.

Use The Right Thread And Needle

There are needle and thread designed specifically for topstitching, so make sure that you have them at hand.

Topstitches are visible, so the thread to make them is usually thick. For example, the thread to sew on jeans is golden and can add definition and texture to the overall appearance.

The needles that go with this kind of thread have a larger eye than usual to accommodate the thread’s thickness.

Do Not Backstitch

For thinner thread, backstitching might not look too obvious to worry about. However, for topstitching, this will make part of the lines looks thicker than the other.

Edgestitch Foot


The edgestitch foot

Edgestitch is a special type of topstitch which is made 1/6” to 1/8” from the edge. It is usually used on waistband, plackets, or stands.

This foot can only be used with machine that allows you to change the needle’s position. For more information on which machine you can put the needle at the left, right or center place, see these 27428159927_1caac58d27_o.gif  Expert Reviews On What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners You Should Buy to find out.

The edgestitch foot can also be called the stitch-in-the-ditch foot, which features a guide at the center to help sewists sew straighter lines.

Zipper Foot

You can use a zipper foot or any foot you can line its edge with the edge of the fabric. Or you can be creative, using the foot you feel fit for this task, as long as it has a guide for you to follow.

I love the zipper foot when I need to topstitch as it allows me to sew really close to the edge. It has a guide for my eye to follow so I always have the straight stitches I want.

To use these feet, snap the foot you choose on and place the fabric underneath. Make sure that the guide is lined up with the edge of the fabric so that you have something to follow. Adjust the needle so that it lands right on the place you need to sew topstitch on.

With these tips and a little practice, you can achieve that straight topstitches you want, even if what you have is a best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners, like what I have here: https://emailarchitect.net/forum/posts/m4702 -How-to-uninstall-EmailArchitect-Server-SDK-8-0-0-1 BrJkexc.gif  . Check it out.