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Mini model toy electric fast remote control RC boats for sale


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Mini model toy electric fast RC boats for sale


Type:Boat & Ship

Power: Battery

Material: Plastic

Plastic Type: Safe plastic

Scale: Mini

Radio Control Style: RC Model

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Ocean Toys

Model Number: OC0419566 fast RC boat

Product name: fast RC boat

Description: electric rc boats

Packing: Window Box

Package Size:17*7.5*8.3 CM

Carton Size:60*40.5*55 CM

Carton Volume.:0.134 CBM

Quantity/Carton:60 PCS

GW/NW:15 / 12.2 KGS

Function: Turn Left

Feature: Eco-friendly Material



Brief introduction of RC boat

The remote control boat uses radio and other media to remotely control the boat to move back and forth and turn left and right. The remote control boat was originally manufactured by Nikola Tesla in 1898, the world's first radio remote control boat. The manufacture of the fast RC boats made Marconi's radio communication theory a reality. Now the development of boat remote control is mainly reflected in the toy industry, which is the first choice for people's outdoor toys. The current remote control boat is mainly made of engineering plastic as the outer shell, and the internal part is composed of integrated circuits and electronic components. According to the size of the remote control boat, the price ranges from 200 to 1,000 yuan.


Fastest RC Boat Performance

Performance: Three-channel forward, turn left, turn right, very easy to control.

1 Automatic power-on function, push the throttle button of the remote control forward, the two propellers rotate the speedboat forward at the same time, and the speedboat stops.

2 When the direction button of the remote control is moved to the left, the left propeller stops rotating, and the right propeller working speedboat turns left.

3 When it is pulled to the right, the right propeller stops rotating, and the left propeller speedboat turns right. It can make the boat turn left or right arbitrarily while driving.

4 Double motor design, strong power, fast speed, and more exciting. Double propeller-driven, copper core connected to the motor, and special materials to prevent water ingress.


Quick Fast RC Boat Operation Guide

1 forward, left, right, stop

2 Push the remote control knob forward, the boat moves forward, let go of the car to stand by, and move the remote controller knob left or right to make the boat turn left or right while driving. How to test the machine: Find some water. After your fingers get wet, don't wipe them dry. Press them on the two shafts respectively. One hand pushes the throttle of the remote control upward, and the slurry starts to move.





Q: Why should we wet the water?

A: The motor will only move because of a micro-short circuit. This is to prevent idling. Because of the high power of the motor, idling is easy to hurt people and the heat of idling is fast, which is easy to cause damage to the speedboat.


Q: Why didn't I turn after I got wet?

A: You can try it a few times. After all, the wet water is not put in the water. If you do not turn the test repeatedly, please try it in the water. If you still do n’t turn it in the water, try it after charging for two hours.


The quality and price of our remote control boat is well, which can make children have fun, and the best service will be given to you. Come and get it!