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Educational English machine books kids learning toys for 3 year olds


Type: Other Educational Toys

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Ocean Toys

Model Number: OC0428939 kids learning tools

Product name: Educational English machine books kids learning toys

Description: toys for kids, girls, boys

Function: Sound

Feature: English

Packing: Color Box

Package Size:26.5*3*26.5 CM

Carton Size:76*29*59 CM

Carton Volume.:0.13 CBM

Quantity/Carton:48 PCS

GW/NW:21.5 / 19 KGS


The importance of educational toys

Early childhood is a key period for children to learn English. Through playing toys for 3 year old boys, they can build a language foundation. Learning toys is a method of literacy teaching, with the help of pictures to learn words.

Babies 2-3 years old have no clear concept of literacy, but they are beginning to be sensitive to colors, lines, shapes, and forms.

Babies with better visual space intelligence are very keen on vision and can clearly understand some subtle changes in color and shape. Our learning toys for 3 year olds are colorful and can attract children's attention, and they are all corresponding to the real thing. Babies are usually interested and will form a corresponding relationship between images and fonts in the brain, so they can be firmly remembered.

At this stage of the baby, the purpose of playing toys for 3 year olds is not to really understand the text or the picture itself, but to let the baby understand the relationship between the text and the real thing.


Advantages of learning toys for 3 year olds:

1. Reading consciousness can also be generated, but it is easier for children to understand through the correlation between the image and the text.

2. It can effectively increase knowledge of daily life. For young children, picture recognition and literacy become one, and it is easier to remember once they recognize the know-how.

3. There are no more limitations on image thinking and extension of thinking so that while children understand the text, they also retain the ability to associate with similar images.

4. Effectively increase the interest and enthusiasm in the literacy process, effectively expand the scope and methods of literacy.

5. It is easy to associate the teaching content, which can effectively increase the vividness of the teaching content.


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