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Assignments can be tough. Schools give out many assignments to children and with other tasks to perform throughout the day it becomes extremely problematic to do your schoolwork. Many kids try to avoid their assignments as they do not want to waste their free time. However, no matter how much you hate assignments, you still need to complete them before the deadline. Completing the assignments before the deadline is not easy. If you do not complete the assignments before the deadline, you could face a lot of penalties and your grades will be affected. This would turn out to be a disaster for you as no matter how much you try, you will have less chances of success.

However, you are not alone in this fight, you have a lot of allies. One such ally is the cheap essay writing service. These services are your best hope when it comes to completing the assignments. These services provide you with the best quality work you could ever hope for. However, many people believe that these services cost a lot of money. This is the main reason why I have written this essay today. I want to clarify the truth behind all these false claims.

Do These Services Cost A lot?

Well, the reality is that a cheap essay writing service demands a very fair amount of fee. However, the fee depends on the educational grade and level of the student. These levels are divided into four parts. These educational levels are high school, college, masters, and doctoral level. 


Well, the high school level is the lowest level of education. The assignments at this level are a bit easy and short in length. For this very reason, the payment for this service is less. On the contrary, the payment depends on per page. Moreover, the fee increases as the deadline decreases. 

8+ DAYS: $ 10.00

6-7 DAYS: $ 11.00

4-5 DAYS: $ 12.50

3 DAYS: $ 13.50

2 DAYS: $ 14.75

24 HOURS: $ 16.25

12 HOURS: $ 18.00


The college level is a bit higher than the high-school level. The assignments given at this level are both lengthy and a bit tough. College students have to go through a lot of troubles as many of these students do part-time jobs and stay quite busy. So when they have to complete tons of assignments, all of their routines get disturbed. 

8+ DAYS: $ 11.75

6-7 DAYS: $ 12.75

4-5 DAYS: $ 13.50

3 DAYS: $ 14.75

2 DAYS: $ 15.50

24 HOURS: $ 16.25

12 HOURS: $ 18.25

Masters Level

The masters level is actually the university level. At this level, students may have less syllabus, however, they get two to three back-breaking assignments every day. This causes a lot of problems for these students. That is why when the deadline is near, they have no choice but to hire a cheap essay writing service . Although a cheap essay writing services will surely demand less, the work you are providing the, m with is not easy. So the fee for masters is a bit higher than the college level.

8+ DAYS: $ 13.25

6-7 DAYS: $ 14.50

4-5 DAYS: $ 15.75

3 DAYS: $ 16.50

2 DAYS: $ 17.75

24 HOURS: $ 19.00

12 HOURS: $ 21.00

Doctoral Level

In the end comes the doctoral level. The doctoral level is the highest level on our list. The doctoral level is an extremely difficult level. At this level, students have to study constantly and they have to work all day to complete their assignments. That is why students are unable to complete all their assignments. So the cheap essay writing services are called for help once again. So here are the prices for the doctoral level. 

8+ DAYS: $ 30.00

6-7 DAYS: $ 32.00

4-5 DAYS: $ 33.00

3 DAYS: $ 34.00

2 DAYS: $ 35.00