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Whether it is a government, a factory, or a school, a laboratory is a universal and special existence that spans industries and geographies. It is a place where scientific researchers explore, experiment, test, and verify unknown substances or results. In recent years, laboratory safety accidents have occurred from time to time, and once it occurs, it will cause considerable casualties. Because laboratory staff are often exposed to flammable, explosive and toxic and harmful substances, they often face more dangers than ordinary production work. In recent years, dangerous chemical explosions have occurred from time to time, and most of the accidents have occurred in places where chemical substances and laboratories are heavily used. The causes of accidents are mostly due to inadequate safety protection work and illegal operations. In addition to explosion accidents, there may be fire, corrosion, poisoning, leakage and other safety accidents when using hazardous chemicals. The most common hazardous chemicals are corrosive chemicals. Such dangerous sources can cause corrosion to human skin, eyes, respiratory tract, etc., seriously threatening the health of workers. Our common acids and alkalis can cause harm to the human body due to the reagents splashing into the eyes or skin because the operation process is not careful, or the workers do not wear protective equipment. Eye Wash Station Eye wash station is a necessary equipment for safety and labor protection. It is an emergency and protective facility necessary for the exposure to toxic and corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis, organic matter, etc. When the eyes or body of the on-site workers come into contact with toxic and harmful and other corrosive chemicals, the eyewash can be used for emergency flushing or showering of the eyes and body, mainly to avoid further damage to the human body caused by the chemicals. Whether it is an explosion, fire, corrosion or poisoning, these hidden dangers should be considered from the design and construction stage of the laboratory. Standardize the design of laboratory safety warning devices and fire extinguishing equipment, standardize the construction of laboratory water, electricity, gas, ventilation and other systems, standardize the classification and storage of various reagents or flammable and explosive materials, and all kinds of waste or toxic substances The discharge and treatment of the laboratory will eliminate the hidden dangers of laboratory safety in the budding state. The above information is provided by emergency eye wash manufacturer.