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During the operation of the concrete pump truck, in order to give full play to the role of high-quality lubricating oil, ensure the reliable lubrication of the pump truck engine, reduce wear and tear, reduce failures, and extend the service life of the vehicle, it is necessary to prevent the lubricant oil from being contaminated. So how to prevent the contamination of the engine oil of the concrete pump truck? Now concrete pump pipes manufacturer introduce as follows:

According to statistics: the failure of the engine of the pump truck due to poor lubrication accounts for 41% of the total number of failures. The main contaminants of lubricants for concrete pump truck engines are mechanical impurities and moisture. The brittle particles in the mechanical impurities are broken under the load. This "small explosion" phenomenon causes the temperature of the lubricating oil and the oil film to rupture. The deformation of the plastic particles in the impurities will also cause local temperature rise, and the thermal effect of these particles It is more significant than the mechanical effect, causing the oil film to rupture quickly. If the hardness of the particles is greater than the surface hardness of the friction surface, it will cause mechanical and thermal effects at the same time through deformation, embedding, grinding of the abrasive particles and accumulation at the oil inlet of the contact area, which will reduce the lubricating oil performance, and increase the oil sludge.

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Therefore, we should pay attention to improving the sanitation and dust reduction of the pump truck maintenance site. When repairing and assembling, we should remove metal chips and burrs on the parts; when changing to new lubricants, we should pay attention to keeping the concrete pump truck container clean. Lubricating oil is added after filtering: usually pay attention to the maintenance of "three filters", keep the air filter with high filtering efficiency, and minimize the mixing of mechanical impurities. Moisture mixed into the lubricating oil has a greater influence on the lubricating effect. The electrolyte solution formed will rust the engine parts, and when the water-containing lubricating oil is in contact with the metal surface above 100 ℃, it will form steam and damage the lubricating oil film. More importantly, some of the additives in the engine oil of the pump truck are good emulsifiers. When water is mixed in, the oil will foam or emulsify and deteriorate. In severe cases, the additives will be dispersed and precipitated, thereby reducing the lubricating performance. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly prevent water from being mixed during storage and use; when maintaining the engine of the concrete pump truck, pay attention to check whether there are trachoma, air holes or cracks in the cylinder head, and whether there are any scars, wrinkles, etc., in the cylinder liner sealing water ring, so as to prevent water penetration. In addition, in winter, vehicles that use steam to heat lubricating oil should pay special attention to regularly check the integrity of the heating equipment to prevent steam from entering the oil.

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