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There are many methods for cleaning the S valve of the concrete pump truck. The concrete pump pipes manufacturerwill introduce it to you.

1. Direct water pumping method

1) Check the wear between the cutting ring of the pump truck and the eye plate, which is the key to the success or failure of direct water cleaning. If the cutting ring of the concrete pump truck and the eye plate are not seriously worn, the distance between the cutting ring and the eye plate is less than 0.1mm, and there is no groove scratch more than 1mm between them, the direct watering method can be used.

2) After pumping the concrete, the pump truck pumps 0.15~0.25m+3 mortar with water-cement ratio of 1:1.5 or 1:2, then fills the distribution valve with water, starts pumping, and pumps the concrete Go to the pouring site until clean water flows out of the output of the delivery pipe of the concrete pump truck. If the pipeline is short and the cleaning effect is good, the cleaning process ends here.

3) When the pipeline of the pump truck is long or the cleaning effect is not good, open the discharge door of the hopper, open the reverse pump, and rinse the hopper and the distribution valve. If pumping upwards and height >20m, you can use a wooden hammer to strike the bottom bend of the vertical part. If the sound of knocking is low, you need to disassemble the bend and pour out the large aggregates that may accumulate.

4) Close the discharge door of the concrete pump truck and pump clean water until the clean water flows out from the output end of the conveying pipe.

The advantage of the direct water pumping method is that there is no need to disassemble the outlet pipe and add a cleaning ball, which saves time, the pumping is easier and more successful, and it is particularly convenient for cleaning shorter pipelines.

Its shortcomings: ①The water consumption is large and the pump water must be continuous, and the water is easily discharged at the pouring site; ②If there is a vertical upward pipeline, the bent pipe must usually be removed; ③The pipeline is long when the pump truck has a long pipeline; ④ The tightness of the distribution valve is strict.

Concrete Pump S Valve

2. Dismantling the material tube method

1) After the pump truck pumps the concrete, the pump will be pumped back for 1 to 2 cycles to eliminate the pressure in the delivery pipe. If pumping upwards, the shut-off valve must be closed to prevent the concrete from flowing back, and then the discharge pipe should be removed.

2) Open the discharge door of the hopper, and the reverse pump flushes the distribution valve, concrete cylinder and concrete in the hopper.

3) Take out some concrete from the mouth of the first 6B or 5B conveying pipe, and insert it into a cleaning ball or cylindrical cleaning piston soaked in water.

4) Close the discharge valve of the distribution valve, and open if there is a shut-off valve, and pump clean water until the piston is pumped out from the output end of the delivery pipe.

The advantage of the method of removing the material pipe is that the concrete pump truck pipeline is cleaned, the flow rate of the water source can be lower, and it can be suspended. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to connect again after the discharge port is opened, which is laborious and laborious.

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