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Rubber Conveyor Belts use maintenance points:

1. Avoid the roller is covered by the material and cause the rotation to be ineffective, prevent the leakage between the card and the roller and the tape, pay attention to the lubrication of the active part, but not the oily rubber conveyor belt;

2. The drum is prevented from starting with load;

3. If the tape is out of deviation, corrective measures should be taken in time;

4. It is found that the local damage of the tape should be repaired in time to avoid expansion;

5. Avoid the tape being blocked by the frame, the pillar or the block material, and prevent the use of the tearing and tearing conveyor belt. With the rubber conveyor belt in the industrial production, multi-variety, high performance, light weight, multi-function Long life is a concern for manufacturers.

6. The type, structure and number of layers of the conveyor belt should be reasonably selected according to the conditions of use.

7. The running speed of the conveyor belt should not be more than 2.5 m / s. The material with large block and large wear should use the fixed force type unloading device, and the low speed should be used as much as possible.

8. The relationship between the diameter of the transmission drum of the conveyor and the belt layer of the conveyor belt, the matching of the transmission drum, the reversing drum and the bracket angle should be reasonably selected according to the design regulations of the conveyor.

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