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Wuling Condenser is an air-conditioning unit that cools the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor and causes the compressor to condense into a liquid high-pressure refrigerant.

The refrigerant in the gaseous state is liquefied or condensed in the condenser, the refrigerant enters the condenser is almost 100% of the vapor, and when it leaves the condenser, it is not 100% of the liquid, and the steel is only a certain amount of heat. The south condenser is discharged within a certain time. Therefore, a small amount of refrigerant leaves the condenser in a gaseous state, but since the next step is a liquid storage device, this state of the refrigerant does not affect the operation of the system. The condenser is subjected to a higher pressure than the engine's coolant radiator compared to the engine's coolant radiator.

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