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The tail lights of the car are divided into red light and yellow light. What role do they have?

Red light: 1, position light. In the evening, you can let other people judge your car width from a distance. It will light as soon as the position light or headlight is turned on; 2. Brake light. When the brakes are applied, it lights up, reminding the vehicles behind, avoiding rear-end collisions. When the position lights are on, the brakes will be significantly brightened, which also serves as a reminder.

Yellow light: 1, turn signal. To turn, merge, and start before the start, the relevant turn signal should be turned on in advance to remind the front and rear. At this time, the yellow light on the left or right side will flash; 2. Emergency light. When the car encounters an emergency, such as a trailer, a trailer, or an anchor on the road, the emergency light switch should be turned on. At this time, the yellow lights on both sides flash at the same time, so it is also called “double flash”. In addition, there are fog lights behind the car. Because of the good penetration of yellow light, the fog lights are designed in yellow.

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