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Grinding Gear Game, as the developer of "Path of Exile", faced with the sudden attack of the new coronavirus, they also made very full emergency preparations, so that even under the severe impact of the epidemic, the team company can work normally of. But this does not mean that the work tasks of the game team will not be affected at all. In fact, working at home and away from the creative team will bring unprecedented difficulties to Path of Exile expansion.

According to Game Rant, “Path of Exile” expansion was purported to be released this June. However, the schedule the sport follows for the regular expansion and patch releases were simply not tormented by COVID-19 pandemic. Other Grinding Gear Games titles, like “Risk of Rain 2,” have also suffered from the slow development.

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While it isn’t ideal, it's going to even be better if the expansion comes out later. Developers have set a tentative launch date for the game’s expansion on St John's Day, but it isn’t clear whether or not they can meet this deadline. Players can expect a higher-quality result from the developers because of the delay, though.

Game developers have already agreed that the coronavirus lockdown is bad for business, it's going about actually arising to be good. In step with a report by Channel News Asia which covered the results of the pandemic, playing video games just like the Nintendo Switch’s “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” may provide a brand-new way for families and friends to urge together while staying apart.

People who are in quarantine could get bored easily because they need nothing to try to reception. That’s where game services like Steam and video streaming platform Twitch are available in. Under the “new normal," these platforms have seen “record-breaking numbers” stemming from personal usage and a surge of players logging in on the platform.

While most developers have tried to form this situation work, Ubisoft has adapted to a “stay home and wash your hands” work ethic.

Although Path of Exile has many problems, and even some of them are very serious, game developers will not be discouraged because of this, but will go upstream. They assured Path of Exile's loyal fans that even though they have been working from home recently, Path of Exile’s expansion will not be affected in any way. They will strictly control the quality of the expansion version and strive to provide all players with high quality. Quality game content.

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