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Personal Care shrink film

The PETG Shrink film is suitable for all kinds of printing technologies from ROTOGRAVURE to FLEXO PRESS using solvent based to UV cured ink. Its inherent shrink characteristics allow to cover almost all the container with contoured shaped arriving to 78% shrink on transverse direction without having any contraction on the longitudinal direction avoiding also the problematic “smile effect” on the bottom side of the containers.

We can offer: PETG shrink film for shaped bottles, PETG high shrinkage film for bottle sleeves, PETG shrink film with high shrinkage, PETG high shrink films, High shrinkage PETG shrink sleeves film, PETG shrink film for label, PETG label printing shrink films, PETG heat shrinking film, PETg shrink sleeve label films, PETG TDO shrink sleeve labeling film,like 50mic PETG Shrink Film, 45mic PETG Shrink Film, 40mic PETG Shrink Film... We are also Automotive shrink film supplier.

PETG White Heat Shrink Film

ADVANTAGE01Excellent printability

Reverse prints with stunning clarity, gloss and presence.
Surface printed with existing technology and without special pretreatment.

02All-encompassing design

Ability to wrap around container with 360 degree graphics.
Front or reverse surface printing brings out the best in colors and graphic design

04High shrink rate

Flushes beautifully against complex contoured surfaces and tight fit remains over time.
Reaches maximum shrinkage potential more quickly than competitive products(up to 78% ultimate shrinkage) 
Higher shrinkage reached at lower temperatures-great for heat sensitive products


Unlike PVC, It is Halogen-free shrink film material.

06Machine runnability

High tensile strength
Low coefficient of friction

07Lower carbon foot print

Recycled with PET bottles 
Halogen free unlike PVC