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Insect-Proof Nets in Greenhouses 

Insect-Proof Nets in Greenhouses

Anti insect mesh manufacturer shares with you.

1. Before planting or planting, use high-temperature shacks or spray low-toxic pesticides to kill parasite pupae and larvae in the soil.

2. When seedlings are planted, it is best to bring medicine into the shed and select robust plants that are free of pests and diseases.

3. Strengthen the daily management. Close the shed door when entering or leaving the greenhouse. Before carrying out agricultural operations, disinfect the related utensils to prevent the introduction of viruses to ensure the use of insect nets.

4. Always check the insect net for tears. Once found, repair it in time to ensure that no pests enter the greenhouse.

5. Ensure coverage quality. The insect-proof nets should be completely enclosed and covered with soil compacted around them and fixed firmly with pressure-laminated lines. Doors entering and exiting large, middle sheds and greenhouses must be installed with insect-proof nets, and pay attention to closing them immediately when entering or leaving. In the small arch shed, the insect net is covered and cultivated. The height of the scaffold should be significantly higher than the crops. Avoid the vegetable leaves close to the insect net to prevent pests from eating outside or laying eggs on the vegetable leaves. The insect-proof net used to close the air vent should not have a gap between it and the transparent cover, so as to prevent pests from entering and leaving the passage.

6. Comprehensive supporting measures. In addition to the insect net coverage, combined with comprehensive supporting measures such as disease-resistant and insect-resistant varieties, heat-resistant varieties, pollution-free package fertilizer Jiamei bonus, Hailibao, Yinglilai, biological pesticides, pollution-free water sources, micro-spray, and micro-irrigation Better results.

7. Proper use and storage. After the insect net is used in the field, it should be collected in time, washed, blow-dried, and rolled up to extend the service life and increase economic benefits.

Application effect

1. Economic benefits. The insect-proof net cover can realize no or little pesticide production in vegetable production, thus saving medicine and labor. The use of insect nets has increased production costs, but due to the long service life of insect nets (4-6 years), long use time within the year (5-10 months), and multiple crops (6-8 Stubble), the input cost per stubble is low (the effect is more obvious in disaster years). Vegetables are of good quality (no or less pesticide pollution), and the yield increase effect is good.

2. Social benefits. It greatly improves the insect and disaster resistance of summer and autumn vegetables and solves the problem of vegetable shortage that has long plagued vegetable farmers and citizens. The benefits are self-evident.

3. Ecological benefits. Environmental issues have received increasing attention. The chemical pesticide control effect is remarkable, but it has exposed many disadvantages. The frequent use of pesticides has caused soil, water, and vegetable pollution. Poisoning occurs every year due to ingestion of pesticide-contaminated vegetables. Pest resistance has increased, and the difficulty of control has become increasingly difficult. Pests such as moths have even grown to the point that they are incurable. Insect-proof mulch cultivation is achieved through physical control.

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