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od Raisha Wang - sreda, 27. maj 2020, 03:12
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GFSJ Hammer Grinder

fruit grinder machine

1. Main application

GFSJ series pulverizer is used to grind the raw material into fine powder. It meets the requirements of GMP Standard. It is a kind of pulverizer to make fine powder from big-size material. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, powder metallurgy, cosmetic industry, dying stuff industry, etc.

2. Working Principle of dates grinding machine

The machine is used to grind the big-size material into small granule or fine powder. The material is fed on is used to mix several kinds of raw material into even mixture. There are two rotary shafts: positive one and negative one. The positive shaft is driven by the shaft connector, which is connected to the reducer. Meantime, the negative shaft rotates accordingly. As one part, the hoop and the drum, which are connected together by the belts, are fixed on the shafts. When the shafts rotates, the hoop and the drum will move in cycles to mix the inside materials together.  


(1) The machine mainly consists of transmission system, the hoop, the material drum and the base. The transmission system includes the motor, the reducer, the shaft contactor, and the positive and negative shafts. The drum is fixed on the hoop, angled with the horizontal line. This ensures the even mixing effect.       

(2) The drum is fixed on the hoop and it can be taken off easily from the hoop. So normally, one or two drums are prepared for changing.

(3) The advantage of the dates powder making machine: compact structure, easy operation, easy cleaning, beautiful appearance, small holding area, etc.