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 Formerly called Musical.ly, TikTok has become a social network for all those who just love share and stream videos. There are actually about 600 million videos are posted everyday by its 100 million users. For that reason, TikTok has built a name for itself as among the greatest social networks nowadays. 

  You would love TikTok as you can see videos made by other users or you can create your own. Duration of videos could vary from 15 seconds to one minute. Topics could cover something such as hot dances, lip-sync or humorous quotes. When the video is ready to make everyone giggle it can be quickly shared through the application. Many apps can help you edit your videos too. You will need a video to edit and a great place to start is TikTok. This post can help you how to download TikTok videos. 

  Make use of your Smartphone to Download TikTok Videos

View TikTok videos online by using TikTok app which can be installed in your iPhone or Android. When you run the application, go and search for the Account button. This is generally found around the bottom right side of the main window. From there you'll see a list of videos on your profile page. The video you prepared to download will immediately play after you tap it. On the lower area of ​​the video, you will view the Share button and tap it. A variety of options will come up; in this case let's choose the Download option. That's how it must be carried out. You need to be seeing your video on your phone's gallery.

 Google Play App TikTok Video Downloader

The Google Play store has apps you may use for this specific purpose. Simply select one TikTok Video Downloader app from the store that you favor, download and install it on your mobile gadget. As soon as you have already launched the application, go to TikTok and find it you want to download on the list. Tap the Share icon and you will then see that the video will play quickly. Later, pick the option to copy the link. The TikTok video downloader will need that link you only copied. Open and run the downloader once again, then find the chosen box to paste the link there. On your screen, a video preview pop out and after this. you will be provided the choice to save the file as on image or a video. The time required for this strategy to download is shorter as compared to the first one above.

  Make use of an Email as your TikTok Video Downloader

Sharing the video via email is one of the options you can find once the Share button is tapped. With it, we'll be able to utilize an Email as our choice of TikTok video downloader. Follow the same methods as above, until you reach the Share button. Pick the Email option in sharing it. Complete the required data in the blank boxes. Emailed video must be received by the receiver. Open the e-mail to download the video either within your phone or computer.

 The steps given to each method should be enough guide on how to download TikTok videos. Whatever you select from the 3 techniques mentioned above, you won't be needing that much time as these are all fast and easy to follow. Even just a couple of minutes will do just fine.

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