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Instagram is among the most well-known social media services that can certainly be considered to be playing an essential part in our day-to-day life. It's renowned function, the Instagram Stories allow you to upload your way of life either in picture or video. There are instances when you wish to have a copy of the events simply because these Instagram stories are just available for up to 24 hours. When the said period is done, if the Instagram story was not saved or perhaps placed into the archive, there will be no chance of restoring it. Now to say, Instagram does not have a feature that allows the user to save the stories. To be able to save a copy of those worth keeping posts and treasured moments shared through an Instagram story, here are some tips.

Download Instagram stories of a whole day

Right here we provide you with all the important steps which are required to save your Instagram stories for an entire day which you can later view whenever you would like to in the future. The video file might not be saved separately. Still, it's far better this way than possessing no copy at all.

 Let's start by opening Instagram site and head to your feed. On the top left part, you will find “Your Story” icon. After clicking that icon, 3 small dots can be seen. Tap it to see more options. There are choices available. Select the “Save” option and simply click “Save Story” afterward. It might take time for the page to complete rendering your own video, however once that is done it will show up for you in your Camera Roll ..

 Separately Download Instagram Stories Clip by Clip

This is the opposite of the 1st approach above. This method gives you the option to save an individual clip of your Instagram Stories. For example, saving a single selfie you have or the most enjoyable event you did rather than saving all of the activities you uploaded for the entire day. This method is done almost the same way as the first one. The options to pick on the latter part is where they differ. Right here, rather than tapping the "Save Story" option, you will need to tap the "Save Video". Look at your Photos or Camera Roll. You should have the copy of the clip in there.

 Make use of Other Instagram Account to Download Instagram Stories

Saving Instagram stories utilizing another account is simple and for whatever reason why do it is none of our concern. Third-party website is required to do it. No matter what website you choose, it doesn't matter given that they may look different, still, they work exactly the same way.

Third party sites as Instagram stories downloader

First step is to consult the site what kind of information does it need concerning the user whose stories you would like to download. Majority of the time, the third-party website asks for either the username as well as a profile link of the user. Copy the link and then feed it into the space given by the website. Then, the website will load the stories that are still visible, as posted by the user you chose. Click on the SAVE option for the picked story you wish to copy. And finally, the video will be saved to your local device.

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