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Guide: Send Money Online

There are different ways to send money online. You can use one of the popular remittance platforms. However, how to find the best one?

How To Send International Payment?

First of all, you need to research the best transfer option. There are thousands of different platforms and each of them offer different features. What is important to you? Transfer speed? Costs? Safety? It all needs to be taken into the consideration when making a choice.

It's also good and important to do some research before sending your first transfer. For example, which platform is the best? What are the alternatives? How To Send Money Online?

What is Transferwise?

TransferWise is an online platform, which allows you to make international money transfers in different currencies. They support over 40 different currencies and allow you to send the money using regular bank wire, SWIFT network or with credit and debit cards.

The platform can be an alternative to services such as PayPal or Western Union. Many users are encouraged to use TransferWise, because of the special “Borderless” account, which allows you to store multiple currencies in one place. Moreover, you can order a debit card and use these currencies to purchase items all over the world.

However, apart from good it's also essential to research some TransferWise negative reviews. That way you will learn both advantages and disadvantages of particular platform and you will know what to expect and what problems might arise.

What are other remittance platforms?

There are also popular transfer platforms such as Western Union, MoneyGram, TransferGo, Remitly, Azimo just to name a few. You can compare their prices and choose the best one.