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Due to the factors of environment and the time when the stainless steel submersible pump works, some problems will occur inevitably.In order to improve its work efficiency,we must find out the reasons and eliminate the problem of the stainless steel submersible pump in time.

There is instability and abnormal oscillation during stainless steel submersible pump working

The main reasons and the solutions for abnormal oscillation and instability of the stainless steel submersible pump:

1,The anchor bolt of the pump is not tightened or loose.(tighten all the anchor bolts evenly)

2,No independent support was added to the pipeline outlet,and the pipeline oscillation affected the water pump. (provide independent and stable support for the water outlet pipe to prevent the water outlet flange of the pump from bearing the load)

3,The impeller quality is unbalanced or even damaged or device is loose.(repair or change the impeller)

4, The upper or down bearing of the pump is damaged(change the upper or down bearings)

Stainless steel submersible pump runs without water or lack of flow:

The main reasons and the solutions of stainless steel submersible pump running without water or lack of flow:

1, The pump device is too high, which makes the impeller submerged depth is not enough, resulting in a drop in water output. (the allowable deviation of the standard height of the control pump device should not be expanded at will.)

2, The pump rotates the other way. (before the pump test,let the motor run idle and check the steering to make it with the pump)

3, The outlet valve can not be opened. (check the valve,and always protect it.)

4, The outlet pipeline is not smooth or the impeller is blocked. (clear the obstructions in pipes and impellers, and often salvage sundries in pool .)

5, The wearing ring of the lower end of the pump is badly wore or blocked by obstructions. (change the wearing ring of the end of the pump, clear the obstructions)

6, Pumping liquid density is too high or viscosity is too high. (reequip the matching pumps)

7, The impeller is falling or damaged.(reequip or change the impeller)

8,When multiple pumps share output pipeline,no one-way valve or the sealing of one-way valve is not good.(equip the one-way valve,change the sealing of the one-way valve)

The stainless steel submersible pump is not rotating when turning it on

The main reasons why the stainless steel submersible pump can not be turned on and the solutions:

1, The power switch and plug do not touch well(repair or change the switch or plug)

2,Control line was burn down securely(change securely)

3,Main circuit was burned down(change securely)

4,The capacitor of two-phase stainless steel submersible pump is burned out.(change the capacitor)

5, Three-phase stainless steel submersible pump lacks phase (connect the circuit that breaks the phase)

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