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Industrial valve exporter shares with you.

1) The opening and closing parts should be in the closing device during storage and transportation, and the following work should be done at the same time:

① The flap of the silent check valve should be fixed in the open position.

②The inner ports at both ends of the diameter are blocked with foam boards, and the ports must be tightly plugged with dust caps to prevent dust and rust, keep the channels clean and the end surfaces flat.

③Proper packaging protection, shockproof and anti-collision for the cylinder.

Silent Check Valve

2) The silent check valve should be placed stably, with the pneumatic drive device facing upwards, and should not be squeezed with each other;

3) Regular inspection should be carried out when placed for a long time. Check the dirt and rust marks on the two channels and the sealing surface and the protection of the welding port every three months. After wiping the dirt and rust marks, reapply anti-rust oil for protection;

4) In order to prevent backflow of media, check valves should be installed on equipment, devices and pipelines;

5) The muffler check valve is generally suitable for clean media, not suitable for media containing solid particles and high viscosity;

6) Generally, vertical silent check valves should be selected on horizontal pipes with a nominal diameter of 50mm;

7) The silent check valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room to prevent moisture, rain and rust.