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Increase the service life of the check valve

Check valve is an important part of pipeline fluid transportation. Normally working check valves allow the liquid to flow in one direction and prevent reverse flow. In order to maintain the check valve at its peak state, proper installation and preventive valve maintenance must be performed.

During installation, the flow must be considered. The correct valve size is a necessary condition to prevent performance problems. The excessive size will cause vibration damage and shorten the service life of the check valve. However, routine maintenance of check valves of the correct size can prevent leakage and premature failure.

Check Valve

Method 1: Take preventive measures

The first step in valve maintenance is to ensure that pipes and valves are clean and free of debris. The filter is a simple and effective method to prevent debris from entering the system. If debris does enter the pipeline, flush the pipeline to minimize accumulation and remove debris that has settled. A consistent maintenance plan must be established for all check valves.

Method 2: Select the correct check valve

This method can improve the function and life of the system. Select a check valve of appropriate size based on vertical or horizontal orientation, media type, and normal expected flow conditions specific to the application rather than the size of the pipe. Incorrectly sized valves will increase cost, reduce the flow rate, and cause malfunctions such as water hammer. For best performance, the valve must be properly installed and used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Method 3: Maintain to keep tightly closed

Sometimes, the system may need to conduct proper routine inspections to maintain tight shut-off and prevent premature failure of the check valve. You can keep it tightly closed by removing any foreign objects. If flushing does not help, remove, and completely disassemble the valve. Check the valve seat and disc for scratches. Then, clean all parts with the cleaning fluid used in the system. When reassembling the valve, check the housing and trim for corrosion or erosion. If due to corrosion or excessive roughness, replace the valve.

Proper check valve selection and regular inspection are the keys to preventing premature failure in any application.

The above information is provided by China check valve manufacturer.